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Today marks the reawakening of my long-dormant running mojo.

When I was younger a bout of Osgood-Schlatter disease limited me to sprinting. As an adult, although I have participated in Wolf Runs, Twilight Runs and Fun Runs I have never ran for fitness or pleasure. I am more of a walker; I have done the National Three Peaks Challenge, the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, trekked the Borszony Mountains in Hungary and enjoy regular long treks with my relentlessly energetic dog! My husband is emphatically not a walker. Whenever I try and interest him in a walk his reply is always the same: “I didn’t pass my driving test to walk everywhere”. He believes that all exercise should be competitive. As I approach my 50’s and undergo some kind of mid-life crisis I started a “bucket list” (well we both did) which includes climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. We were all set to do this in January 2019 when for various reasons the trip had to be postponed. To my not inconsiderable surprise rather than express relief  at this point he told me that he now intended to move to the next item on his “list” – a half-marathon which brings us to me and my mojo. Now I am naturally competitive and I refuse to accept that my husband can do anything that I cannot do (better!) so the two of us are running the Vitality Half in London next March in aid of the marvellous charity Baby Lifeline.

So here I am with five months to go and needing some kind of training regime to get me going. A client recommended a running App called Runkeeper which I duly downloaded. Now as everyone who has done something similiar will probably know it is the first run that is the hardest – not actually doing it but getting off my backside to do it. It’s always easy to find an excuse – the weather, work, the kids, the dog etc. etc. As even my nearest and dearest would say I am always late, never prepared and an Olympic-Class procrastinator so I knew I had to start immediately not least so I would be in a position to beat my husband – and maybe even Sir Mo!!

So the first run was today. A friendly female voice (is there any other sort?) told me that she was going to take me from couch to 5K with plenty of advice and encouragement along the way. Twenty-five minutes of running and walking to order later and I had completed my first step. I enjoyed it and it was nice to feel that you had your own personal coach helping you through it. I am actually looking forward to the next one.

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