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Massage is great for you on so many levels. Including your general well being and mental health. Day to day work and life stress impacts us on a physical and mental level. If we’re stressed mentally then we hold ourselves differently and this manifests in the body as poor posture eventually causing physical stress on the body. If we’re physically stressed this will cause aches and pains in our bodies eventually causing mental stress on our minds.


An individuals mental health is not only affected in this way there are far more factors.

Getting a massage can be part of looking after yourself and can help you discover what relaxation can feel like. A common effect is a balancing one, if you are feeling agitated, it will help to calm you. If you are tired and lethargic, it will make you feel lighter and more energetic. If you are in severe distress, massage can help you feel more ‘in your body’ and grounded.


Emotionally, massage enables you to feel nurtured and cared for, and can help you feel more positive about your body. For those who lack physical touch in their daily lives, for instance many elderly people, massage can be affirming and nourishing. If you find talking about yourself difficult, massage is another way that could help you explore how you are feeling.


On a physical level, massage actively promotes the circulation of blood and lymph through the body, aids digestion, and alleviates chronic muscle tension. It helps with the symptoms of anxiety and panic, such as palpitations, a tight chest, and shallow breathing. It may also relieve some of the side effects of medication. Massage is good at times when orthodox medicine has little to offer, for example for relieving headaches, backache and other chronic pain.


Massage is an all round tonic that should not be under estimated, it allows us to keep going and it should definitely be part of your life!

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