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So my training is on schedule and I’ve entered us – me & my husband (shhh he doesn’t know yet) into a 10k in January.
I’ve done a couple of sessions on the exercise bike over the last week due to heavy rain, yes I know some of you runners out there are thinking ‘rain doesn’t stop me, I find it exhilarating running in the rain’ but I’m still waiting for my running mojo to return. So for now the exercise bike is great. Well you can guess it’s been a while since I got on a bike… and… well within a minute I was thinking ‘OMG my legs, my thighs… I think I prefer running’ well I stuck with it for 15 minutes in fact and it did come easier but it did make me think about all the different muscles that take part in each and every action we do and sport we participate in. You would think you use your legs for running and for cycling so what’s the difference? A lot actually… the mechanics of running and cycling are different and use the muscles in different ways. During running, the muscles of the lower body help to move the body through four stages – foot strike, single limb support, push-off and leg swing. Cycling has only two stages, the power phase and the recovery phase. It is during the power phase of cycling that the leg muscles are used the most. Because cycling does not involve impact, it is easier on your joints and muscles. However, running demands more energy, and is more effective for burning calories. So by cross training ie. running on some days and cycling on others it can help balance out your muscles, it gives your joints a break and it helps build up your overall strength quicker. I’m also keeping up with my maintenance massage which helps me get through my training effortlessly and it’s also preventing me from developing any injuries whilst I increase my miles. Remember the car analogy in my last blog?… you wouldn’t increase your cars mileage and expect it to run problem free.

So overall I’m glad I went for a cycle (so to speak) as what I’m talking about now wouldn’t have come to mind.

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