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My running app running coach Erin has now retired and I’m running alone, well not quite I still have Erin’s voice in my head occasionally saying ‘Strike the ground mid sole and underneath you’ ‘remember to keep those shoulders down and back’ and ‘you can do it, you know you can do it!’. So, I’m now using just the app’s pace setter and my music. (Thanks to all your suggestions via social media.)

So off I went on a 6k run just before the end of 2018 a run I was really enjoying… sorry did I just say ‘enjoying’? So, there I was enjoying my run and with a split second decision I decided to go the long way home hasten to admit after 30 yards I did think ‘what the hell am I doing’ but do you know what…? I smashed the 10k mark something I thought I’d never do, and I did it in 1 hour and 4 minutes so with my first competitive race this weekend (a 10k) I’m running knowing I can do it and I’m hoping to beat my time!

I received more good news which is I’ll be running alongside Sir Mo in March at the Vitality half marathon, well not quite so alongside as he completed it in 61 minutes and 40 seconds last year which was actually faster than my first 10k. I imagine he’ll be sat at home with his feet up by the time I finish but I do hope to see him there. What an inspirational sportsman he is!

Before Christmas I was doing a 5k and with 200 meters to go I developed stitch. ‘Stitch’ I thought to myself, something I’ve not had since I was at school. But what on earth caused it? My routine before my run was the same as any other day. So, I thought this month I’d talk about stitch.

Most scientists believe stitch is caused by a reduction in blood supply and oxygen to the diaphragm (the main muscle involved in breathing), causing it to cramp.

Tips for acute stitch

  1. Breathe! Proper breathing can contribute to relaxation of the diaphragm and respiratory muscles.
  2. Use your hand. Press with your hand on the painful area and relieve the pressure while breathing out.
  3. Shift down a gear. Run at a slower pace.
  4. Stop for a moment and stretch.
  5. Stop and bend your upper body forward.

So with 2 months to go my training continues, please don’t forget to sponsor me at

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