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So this may well be my penultimate running blog, it’s less than a week to the half marathon
and I’ve had a rather eventful past five weeks. I pulled a muscle in my lower back
something I’ve never done before and something that was excruciatingly painful. Maybe it
was from pounding the pavements, maybe it was neglect as all my massage treatments
have been focused on my legs, so I refrained from running for a week then I didn’t run the
following week because I just didn’t have the desire to! I was determined to get myself
back on track though so I could complete this half marathon for a very worthwhile cause. I
eventually motivated myself and managed 9.1 miles which completely surprised me after
having a two week break. So now back on track I ran my longest run ever last weekend of
10.1 miles, my joints knew about it afterwards and my gluteals (buttocks) were aching the
next day but nothing a maintenance massage couldn’t fix. My time for 10.1 miles was 1
hour and 46 minutes and I was hoping to run the half marathon in 2 hours and 15 minutes,
I guess its still possible but to think that Paula Radcliffe set the London Marathon record at
that time in 2003 made me gasp. I thought ‘she runs twice as fast as me or do I run twice
as slow as her?’ I’m hoping I can keep up the enthusiasm as I have won a Place in the
ballot for the Two Castles.
So with a week to go until I’m running alongside Sir Mo Farah I’m mentally preparing
myself and hoping I can get my husband round too as he’s had endless injuries… nothing I
can’t cope with as a sports therapist but when it’s been one after the other I’m starting to
think running isn’t for him and I guess that brings me to the question of are we really made
to run? The health benefits of all that running are solid and well documented. But at the
same time, injury rates are astonishingly high. In a poll at, 66% of
respondents said they’d suffered an injury in the previous year. The knees account for
about half of those injuries. Most of the rest are below the knee.What causes all that pain?
Amby Burfoot wrote this in Runners World…”Running injuries can be caused by being
female, being male, being old, being young, pronating too much, pronating too little,
training too much, and training too little.”

In other words, take your pick. Running is a repetitive activity, so overuse injuries are more
common. Exercise should be enjoyable and something you look forward to doing and just
because running is a good form of exercise for many, it doesn’t mean its right for you.
Don’t feel obliged to run – if you don’t enjoy it seek out activities you do enjoy as you’ll get
much better results from activities you like doing. There are lots of ways you can improve
your cardiovascular fitness and control your weight – running is just one of the things you
can do. If you like running and it suits your body type that’s great BUT if you don’t like
running or you find it uncomfortable, don’t feel guilty because you choose not to run as you
are not alone. Just pick an alternative activity and leave running to those that are best
suited to it. After writing this I’m now starting to wonder whether my joints are up for all this
running, who knows maybe you may see me on a bike next!

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