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I did it!! The half marathon is over and done with and I came across the finish line in 2 hours 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Sir Mo was home with a cup of tea and his feet up by then having done it in 1.01:14. Running for the first time in (many) years I’ve gone from couch to half marathon in just 5 months . What an achievement!!

The week leading up to the race was mentally challenging with a pain in my knee appearing on the Monday, just a day after my last long taper run, then on the Thursday after a last 5K run I developed shin splints. I was soon questioning whether running was for me let alone my husband who had experienced injury after injury (my last running blog). So with some yoga stretches to ease out the shin splints along with a RockBlades treatment to my knee and shins, taping and extra taping to my achilles (a precautionary measure from an early training injury) I was ready to run my first and probably last half marathon.

On race day I had few if any nerves, if anything I just felt excitement. I’d prepared well which is unusual for me being the worlds biggest procrastinator! As a result of the tips from my clients (thanks to all of you) and the training  I ran the full 13.1 miles without stopping. In fact my running app said I had actually ran 13.69 miles which I guess that was because it’s hard to keep to the race line especially when you are weaving in and out of people.

I started the race running with my husband and alongside a gentleman wearing a full ‘Paddington Bear’ costume, I didn’t see him again but running in a costume like that would be extremely difficult. I heard my name being called regularly ‘come on Lisa’ which is a great boost and along with my adrenalin, the crowds enthusiasm and kindness (those handing out haribos & jelly babies) I accomplished something on my bucket list.

I was handed my medal as I crossed the finish line along with a goodie bag and I felt a massive sense of achievement. The pint and roast beef dinner before heading home was well deserved. I feel I’ve got a bit of the running bug now as I continue to train for The Two Castles. Who knows maybe another half marathon next year but never a full marathon. I couldn’t imagine doing that twice over.

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