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On 25th May 2018 GDPR is coming! What does this mean for you using this website? Well in a nutshell we are fully compliant with GDPR, so you will not have to do anything!

You can read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy for more information and the GDPR portal is HERE.

The main difference is to clients who have signed up for our Newsletter in the past. To keep receiving the offers and information from us in newsletter form – don’t worry we don’t inundate you with lots of emails, you will need to resign for the Newsletter giving us your consent again. If you do not resign up before the 25th we will be deleting your data, as per the regulations. So we would love you to keep receiving our newsletter – if you wish to do so, then please fill out the form below. It is a double opt-in system so you will need to confirm your email address after signing up. If you have already done this then that’s great. We love having you on board!


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