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We frequently hear ‘I don’t know which massage to book as I have back ache and I’m not a sports person’ or ‘I don’t play a sport’.

The term ‘Sports’ shouldn’t put you off having a Sports Massage, it’s just a massage that works deep into the muscles, realigning the muscle fibres and connective tissue, and flushes away toxins.  It focuses on specific muscle groups in the body to enhance movement & flexibility and / or to reduce pain.

Regular sessions for a sports person will help with delayed onset of muscle soreness, increase joint mobility and flexibility, reduce the risk of injury during exercise and it increase performance due of the elimination of toxins, the increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Regular sessions for a non sports person will help with stiff joints and inflexibility caused by sitting for long periods of time, the muscles need the increased oxygen and nutrient supply as they’re more sedate.  Regular massage helps to condition muscles helping you to correct your posture preventing any further muscular issues arising.

Every massage is tailored to the individuals needs as everyone’s aches & pains are different.  After your sports massage the body will relax as those muscular tensions have been gentle ‘ironed’ out allowing the blood flow to increase carrying those vital nutrients and oxygen to assist with further healing.

Most non sports people have a monthly massage to help ‘iron out the creases’ and keep them flexible.  Whereas sports people in training may have more frequent treatments to help with the demand of their excessive training schedule.  Paula Radcliffe had up to 5 hours of massage and physio a day when she trained for an event.

Don’t expect a relaxing massage!  If you want that then book an Aromatherapy massage as that will relax the mind & body

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